Liz's Tattoo Studio

This is a 1/12 scale replica of Liz's Tattoo "room".  The business is called Inknasium and this is a wedding gift for the best tattoo artist! Happy Wedding Day!  10/10/2015

The Mini Blinds are made from wooden Coffee stirs.  Thinner than Popsicle sticks.  The string is beading string and then spray painted white.  

The window is just a transparency with printed lines.  Popsicle Sticks with mitered edges made the window trim.

I used a piece of peel and stick flooring from Home Depot for the floor.

The corkboard has 3 of our recent tattoos that me and my family had done by Liz.  

The Tattoo gun and Green Soap were made from clay and added a piece of beading wire for the needle.  The ink colors are Window Paints inside little itty bitty pieces of aquarium hose that were cut.  Table was made from wood and spray painted metallic silver to look like chrome.

This chair was a bit challenging.  I covered pieces of balsa wood with faux leather or vinyl material.  

Liz has 4 full length mirrors in her place and I had to figure this one out.  I bought a mirror replacement piece from an auto parts store and then used the coffee stirs and mitered the edges to get a picture frame look.  Turned out pretty good, I think!

The stool bottom was made from clay and then spray painted with metallic silver.  The seat was a round piece of wood covered with vinyl fabric.  

The "tool chest" below is a must in any tattoo shop.  I had to use Miniature bumper stickers to match what Liz had on hers.  They are not exact, but the point is made 

Paper towels, Gloves and of course the tattoo machine are all part of the day of a Tattoo Artist!

The Einstein poster are definitely Liz.  She has the same full size version in her room and the Wizard of Oz is her favorite!  She does have those posters too.  

It wouldn't be a Tattoo Parlor/Shop without some pictures Flash Art.

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